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Wildlife crimes Unit-Indonesia
Author(s): WCS Indonesia
Year: 2014
Description/Abstract: WCS Indonesia and the WCU. This presentation focus on main activities of the wildlife crime unit. Areas include investigational nd law enforcement support,court process assistance, monitoring illegal wildlife trade hotspots, training and capacity building, media publications and campaign and outreach
Keywords: WCU, Indonesia, illegal wildlife trade.
Regional wildlife trade: trends and issues
Author(s): WCS
Year: 2015
Description/Abstract: Looking at regional trends, myths, transnational markets, trade routes, data sharing and priority actions. Strong focus on Indonesia.
Keywords: Indonesia, transnational crime
Rangers handbook of small carnivores in Vietnam
Author(s): Scott Roberton, Hoang Xuan Thuy
Year: 2004
Description/Abstract: A 70 page guide to small carnivores in Vietnam.
Keywords: Small carnivores, Vietnam
Primate field guide to primates of Vietnam
Author(s): J.Shaw
Year: 2005
Description/Abstract: Identification guide to primates of Vietnam
Keywords: Primates, vietnam
Wildlife trafficking in Asia-WCS efforts
Author(s): WCS Vietnam
Year: 2015
Description/Abstract: An WCS approach to co ordinate counter wildlife trafficking efforts in source, trafficking and demand countries.
Keywords: WCS, trafficking, Indonesia, Lao, Vietnam, Mozambique.
Lao wildlife crime and law enforcement
Author(s): WCS Lao PDR
Year: 2014
Description/Abstract: Wildlife crime in Lao PDR and WCS activities including Lao WEN,intelligence gathering, offence reporting and surveys.
Keywords: NEPL NPA, Bolikhamxay, market surveys
Strengthening capacity for wildlife identification in law enforcement
Author(s): Scott Roberton, WCS Vietnam
Year: 2015
Description/Abstract: The need to improve species identification and problems associated with low retention of knowledge
Keywords: Mobile tecnologies, field guides and handbooks
Identification guide to commonly traded wildlife products
Author(s): WCS Vietnam
Year: 2010
Description/Abstract: Provides a practical and concise guide for the identification of commonly traded wildlife products in South East Asia.
Ivory demand reduction in China-Strategies,experiences and future challenges
Author(s): Aili Kang, WCS China
Year: 2014
Description/Abstract: Comprehensive presentation on strategies to reduce demand and create behavioural change in china. Describes challenges, stratagies,statistics and media
Keywords: China, behavioural change, shark fin,Ivory
African elephant crisis and the WCS response.
Author(s): WCS
Year: 2014
Description/Abstract: A comprehensive presentation covering all issues connected to the poaching of Ivory in Africa and WCS response to the issue.
Keywords: WCS, China, elephants, ivory
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