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A photographic guide to turtles of Thailand,Vietnam,Laos
Author(s): D.Hendrie, B. Stewart, P Van Dijk
Year: 2011
Description/Abstract: A photographic guide to turtles of Thailand, Vietnam and laos
Keywords: Turtles, SE Asia
An identification guide to commonly traded species(Khmer)
Author(s): WCS
Year: 2010
Description/Abstract: Species and product ID Provides a practical and concise guide for the identification of commonly traded wildlife products in South East Asia.
Transnational wildlife crime in NE Vietnam
Author(s): Scott Roberton, WCS Vietnam
Year: 2013
Description/Abstract: Focussing on transnationl wildlife trafficking through Vietnam and into China through Quang Ninh province
Keywords: Mong Cai, transnational crime, corruption
WCS conservation policy.
Author(s): Sue Lieberman, WCS
Year: 2014
Description/Abstract: International conservation policy. Strong emphasis on WCS conservationinitiatives with marine species
Keywords: Cites,Sharks,
Introduction to some mammal species of Indochina and vietnam
Author(s): WWF/Traffick
Year: 2000
Description/Abstract: 239 page guide to mammal species of Indochina
Keywords: Mammals, Indochina
Birds of Vietnam
Author(s): K.Phillipps, Nguyen Cu,Le Trong Trai
Year: 2000
Description/Abstract:  A 247 page guide on the birds of Vietnam
Keywords: Vietnam, birds
Identification of commonly traded wildlife products
Author(s): Scott Roberton, WCS Vietnam
Year: 2013
Description/Abstract: A training module to assist with identifying wildlife products such as ivory, rhino horn and skins. How to distinguish real from fake.
Keywords: Ivory. Mammoth. Rhino horn
Current WCS action on Wildlife trade in Lao PDR
Author(s): S.Silithammavong, WCS Laos
Year: 2014
Description/Abstract: Wildlife crime in Lao PDR with an overview of WCS Lao activities to combat wildlife crime. Describes enforcement sites, wildlife and trade surveys, ASEAN WEN and projects in Nam Et Phou Loy and Bolikhamxay.
Keywords: ASEAN WEN,Bolkhamxay, market surveys
CITES Rhino enforcement taskforce meeting
Author(s): Scott Roberton, WCS Vietnam
Year: 2013
Description/Abstract: An overview of the trade in Rhino horn in Asia and the ineffective enforcement response to date
Keywords: Rhino, government inaction, prosecutions
Forest Law Enforcement and Governance in Lao PDR
Author(s): Bill Maynard
Year: 2009
Description/Abstract: Describes the context and situation in Laos and how the problems are being addressed.
Keywords: DOFI,POFI, illegal timber,bushmeat
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