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Targretting wildlife trafficking
Author(s): Timothy Wittig, WCS
Year: 2015
Description/Abstract: A short presentation about focussed operations using limited assets and time.
Keywords: Analyze,find, fix,finish
Protected animals in Vietnam
Author(s): T.Nadler, Nguyen Xuan
Year: 2008
Description/Abstract: A 265 page illustrated guide to protected animals in vietnam
Keywords: Protected animals, Vietnam
ICCWC Toolkit
Author(s): UNODC
Year: 2014
Description/Abstract: Toolkit Wildlife crime in Vietnam 141 page report. The key elements being: 1. Identifying current patterns of wildlife and forest offences, including their drivers and actors; 2. Analysing the criminal justice response, including the legislative, enforcement, prosecutorial and judicial systems in use;3. Understanding the different links and actors in the wildlife and forest offences chain; and 4. Implementing measures to address and prevent wildlife offences from being committed by offering alternative incentives .
Keywords: Wildlife trafficking, Vietnam
Wild life trafficking
Author(s): WCS Latin America
Year: 2015
Description/Abstract: WCS to wildlife trafficking. A presentation delivered by the WCS Latin American and Caribbean Program with a focus on Latin America including the increased spread of links to markets in East Asia.
Keywords: Smart patrols, trade chains, sustainable use, hunting for trade
CITES Rhino enforcement taskforce meeting
Author(s): Scott Roberton, WCS Vietnam
Year: 2013
Description/Abstract: An overview of the trade in Rhino horn in Asia and the ineffective enforcement response to date
Keywords: Rhino, government inaction, prosecutions
The illegal wild-life trade in Asia
Author(s): Scott Roberton, WCS Vietnam
Year: 2015
Description/Abstract: General overview of international illegal wildlife trade occuring in SE Asia. Highlights the increasing human population/decreasing forests and the commercialisation of hunting.
Keywords: Trade routes, syndicates, penalties
WCS action on wildlife trade in lao PDR
Author(s): Troy Hansel, WCS Laos
Year: 2014
Description/Abstract:  A presentation given at the Indo-Burma wildlife trade chain planning meeting. With an overview of WCS Lao activities to combat wildlife crime. Describes enforcement sites, wildlife and trade surveys and projects in Nam Et Phou Loy and Bolikhamxay.
Keywords: NEPL NPA, Bolikhamxay, market surveys
Ivory demand reduction in China-Strategies,experiences and future challenges
Author(s): Aili Kang, WCS China
Year: 2014
Description/Abstract: Comprehensive presentation on strategies to reduce demand and create behavioural change in china. Describes challenges, stratagies,statistics and media
Keywords: China, behavioural change, shark fin,Ivory
Wildlife crimes Unit-Indonesia
Author(s): WCS Indonesia
Year: 2014
Description/Abstract: WCS Indonesia and the WCU. This presentation focus on main activities of the wildlife crime unit. Areas include investigational nd law enforcement support,court process assistance, monitoring illegal wildlife trade hotspots, training and capacity building, media publications and campaign and outreach
Keywords: WCU, Indonesia, illegal wildlife trade.
Protected area operational and tactical enforcement conservation training manual
Author(s): Freeland
Year: 2016
Description/Abstract: A guideline for protected area protection and enforcement for investigators.
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