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Wildlife trafficking- issues and challenges
Author(s): Elizabeth Bennett, WCS
Year: 2015
Description/Abstract: Explores hunting for trade,organised criminal syndicates,protection on the ground,ranger management systems,legal tade, corruption and behaviour change.
Keywords: SMART patrols, crime syndicates, corruption
Regional wildlife trade: trends and issues
Author(s): WCS
Year: 2015
Description/Abstract: Looking at regional trends, myths, transnational markets, trade routes, data sharing and priority actions. Strong focus on Indonesia.
Keywords: Indonesia, transnational crime
Developing best practice to prosecute wildlife traffickers
Author(s): J.T Webb, US Dept of Justice
Year: 2011
Description/Abstract: A presentation by the US Department of justice on the prosecution of wildlife trafickers in the USA and internationaly. Problems, obstacles and goals. Describes relevant laws such as the Lacey Act and the Endangered Species Act
Breaking the chain
Author(s): Scott Roberton, WCS Vietnam
Year: 2015
Description/Abstract: Building a civil society- government transnational partnership to combat major wildlife trade networks in Lao PDR, Vietnam and China
Keywords: WCS,Indo-Burma trade chain
Checklist of wild mammal species of Vietnam
Author(s): Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, VN
Year: 2008
Description/Abstract: A comprehensive 424 page guide including photographs and distribution
Keywords: Mammals, Vietnam
To trade or not to trade- opportunities for, and limitations to, sutainable wildlife trade
Author(s): Elizabeth Bennett, WCS
Year: 2015
Description/Abstract: A focus on terrestrial vertebrates, commercial wildlife trade,pet trade,traditional medicine,bush meat and programmes for sustainable use.
Keywords: Sustainable management, issues
Identification sheets for wildlife traded in SE Asia
Author(s): WEN, Traffick, USAID
Year: 2009
Description/Abstract: Designed to assist enforcement officials in the identification of wildlife species commonly found in trade in South East Asia. Feature 87 sheets
Elephant crisis-what you need to know
Author(s): Scott Roberton, WCS Vietnam
Year: 2012
Description/Abstract: Problems including human elephant conflict and Ivory trade associated with economic growth in Asia,new access routes, arms proliferation and organised crime. Features the association on trafficking Ivory into vietnam
Keywords: Elephant,Ivory, Vietnam
Protected area operational and tactical enforcement conservation training manual for investigators.
Author(s): Freeland
Year: 2015
Description/Abstract: A 198 page training manual covering all aspects of patrolling a protected area for law enforcement
Stop the killing-stop the demand
Author(s): WCS
Year: 2013
Description/Abstract: A draft presentation on the wildlife trafficking chain from poaching to sale
Keywords: WCS, interventions, trafficking chain
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