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Wild life trafficking
Author(s): WCS Latin America
Year: 2015
Description/Abstract: WCS to wildlife trafficking. A presentation delivered by the WCS Latin American and Caribbean Program with a focus on Latin America including the increased spread of links to markets in East Asia.
Keywords: Smart patrols, trade chains, sustainable use, hunting for trade
Analyisis and production
Author(s): Timothy Wittig, WCS
Year: 2015
Description/Abstract: What it is, core skills, link neworks, pattern analysis ,association matrix, geospatial analysis, money laundering and intelligence products.
Keywords: Analysis, intelligence.
Lao wildlife crime and law enforcement
Author(s): WCS Lao PDR
Year: 2014
Description/Abstract: Wildlife crime in Lao PDR and WCS activities including Lao WEN,intelligence gathering, offence reporting and surveys.
Keywords: NEPL NPA, Bolikhamxay, market surveys
Wildlife trade in Indonesia
Author(s): WCS
Year: 2013
Description/Abstract: A comprehensive 78 page document covering all aspects of the illegal wildlife trade in Indonesia including species identification, legal systems, enforcement and trade routes
Keywords: CITES, legal system, trade routes
African elephant crisis and the WCS response.
Author(s): WCS
Year: 2014
Description/Abstract: A comprehensive presentation covering all issues connected to the poaching of Ivory in Africa and WCS response to the issue.
Keywords: WCS, China, elephants, ivory
WCS work to combat illegal wildlife trade
Author(s): Sue Lieberman, WCS
Year: 2014
Description/Abstract: WCS efforts to combat the illegal wildlife trade. A short presentation promoting intelligence-led law enforcement, successful prosecution,stockpile management,transport task force and changing consumer behaviour.
Keywords: CITES, Consumer behaviour, China
Stop the killing-stop the demand
Author(s): WCS
Year: 2013
Description/Abstract: A draft presentation on the wildlife trafficking chain from poaching to sale
Keywords: WCS, interventions, trafficking chain
Law Enforcement responses to the illegal wildlife trade
Author(s): Justin Gosling
Year: 2014
Description/Abstract: Law enforcement responses to the illegal wildlife trade including sezures,trade,forensic investigations, crime scene investigations and interdiction.
Keywords: Seizures,wildlife trade, forensics,CSI
Wildlife crime in Indonesia
Author(s): WCS Indonesia
Year: 2015
Description/Abstract: An overview of wildlife crime in Indonesia. Legal frameworks, current knowledge and priority actions. Explores policy, statistics, market characteristics and trade routes
Keywords: Indonesia, CITES, wildlife trade, policy and legal context
Identification of commonly traded wildlife products
Author(s): Scott Roberton, WCS Vietnam
Year: 2013
Description/Abstract: A training module to assist with identifying wildlife products such as ivory, rhino horn and skins. How to distinguish real from fake.
Keywords: Ivory. Mammoth. Rhino horn
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