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Identification of commonly traded wildlife products
Author(s): Scott Roberton, WCS Vietnam
Year: 2013
Description/Abstract: A training module to assist with identifying wildlife products such as ivory, rhino horn and skins. How to distinguish real from fake.
Keywords: Ivory. Mammoth. Rhino horn
Targretting wildlife trafficking
Author(s): Timothy Wittig, WCS
Year: 2015
Description/Abstract: A short presentation about focussed operations using limited assets and time.
Keywords: Analyze,find, fix,finish
Illustrated endangered marine species in Vietnam
Author(s): WAR
Year: 2012
Description/Abstract: An illustrated guide to endangered marine species in Vietnam
Keywords: Marine species, Vietnam
Elephant crisis-what you need to know
Author(s): Scott Roberton, WCS Vietnam
Year: 2012
Description/Abstract: Problems including human elephant conflict and Ivory trade associated with economic growth in Asia,new access routes, arms proliferation and organised crime. Features the association on trafficking Ivory into vietnam
Keywords: Elephant,Ivory, Vietnam
Checklist of wild mammal species of Vietnam
Author(s): Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, VN
Year: 2008
Description/Abstract: A comprehensive 424 page guide including photographs and distribution
Keywords: Mammals, Vietnam
The illegal wild-life trade in Asia
Author(s): Scott Roberton, WCS Vietnam
Year: 2015
Description/Abstract: General overview of international illegal wildlife trade occuring in SE Asia. Highlights the increasing human population/decreasing forests and the commercialisation of hunting.
Keywords: Trade routes, syndicates, penalties
Wild life trafficking
Author(s): WCS Latin America
Year: 2015
Description/Abstract: WCS to wildlife trafficking. A presentation delivered by the WCS Latin American and Caribbean Program with a focus on Latin America including the increased spread of links to markets in East Asia.
Keywords: Smart patrols, trade chains, sustainable use, hunting for trade
Defining the trafficking threat from illicit trafficking
Author(s): Timothy Wittig, WCS
Year: 2015
Description/Abstract:  A framework for better undersatanding and action. A detailed look at better understanding for targetted action on wildlife trafficking networks.
Keywords: Networks,behavior,people,geography and culture
An identification guide to commonly traded species(Khmer)
Author(s): WCS
Year: 2010
Description/Abstract: Species and product ID Provides a practical and concise guide for the identification of commonly traded wildlife products in South East Asia.
International wildlife trade
Author(s): Sue Lieberman, WCS
Year: 2014
Description/Abstract: A comprehensive presentation on the illegal wildlife trade including the role of CITEs,background into legal/illegal trade,case studies and current developments.
Keywords: Cites,smart patrols,trade chains, transport nodes
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