In-theather Trainings / Afghanistan Bazaar Surveys

WCS and Military Police have conducted on-base Bazaar surveys at Bargram's Air Field, Camp Phoenix, Camp Eggers, and the International Security Armed Forces Base (ISAF) to look for and remove wildlife products that are prohibited from crossing international borders. 

Afghanistan Bazaar Surveys 


This project involves training Military Police stationed in or near Kabul, Afghanistan how to identify a variety of furs and conducting periodic surveys of on-base bazaars. To date, trainings have been held at Bagram Air Base and Military Market, Camp Eggers and Camp Phoenix, Kabul International Airport, and International Security Assistance Force (ISAP) Headquarters.

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Local vendors are allowed to sell items at on-base bazaars of U.S. Military installations in Afghanistan.  Often these vendors sell wildlife products made from animals that are threatened or endangered or for whom very little population data exists.  Unknowingly, U.S. military personnel then purchase these items and attempt to bring them across international borders into the United States.  These acts are illegal can result in fines or prison for  military personnel and can be detrimental to local wildlife populations.



The on-base bazaar surveys have reduced the number of wildlife products available to U.S.  Military serving in Afghanistan.  Military Police are continuing the training and providing materials to forward operating bases in Afghanistan where WCS staff are unable to train.  As result, fewer items are being purchased by U.S. military personnel.



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